... we few, we happy few, we band of brothers

Even though not all of those I will mention here are still in contact with me, I do mean it when I call them my friends. Because each and every single one has brought something special to my life and will not be forgotten. I do not expect them to refer to me as a friend as well... friendship is a feeling, feelings are subjective, they don't listen to reason ;-). So don't worry if you're named here, I'll not ask you for a friendscredit :-P


because: how else would you list them?

  • Aria - the bookworm
  • Babs - lil' miss speedie
  • Boe - aka. Meanie
  • Der Mattick - aka. Justin Decent
  • Fin - *sry*-man
  • Fox - aka. FurFoxMcCloud
  • Greebo - Mrs. Patience
  • Jason - aka. Thrawn
  • Josie - aka. Jules
  • Great Russian
  • Lacrima - Miss Superstar
  • Mad Max - Mr. Psycho
  • Manu - aka. Eve
  • Mavea - lil' Dragon
  • Maxx - more than meets the eye
  • Morgaina - dearest witch
  • Obsidian - the fighter
  • Petra - aka. Hobbitmammy
  • Ronny - the maker
  • Sean - the Sir
  • TE - 4ever


some acknowledging not only to friends

There were many people in my life, that were able to give something to me... sometimes it was just a bad example, sometimes it was pain and anger, other times it was a good laugh, some nice moments, warm feelings, knowledge, power or a new direction. Lots of them I met in the big wide open of the www, some are family, colleagues, etc... Some things I still have to work on... others I besieged... so much yet to come...

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