About me

So you want to know...

... something about me?

Let me start with my current attitude towards life or if you want my philosophy of life:

I don't suffer from insanity - I enjoy every minute of it.

Now that we've settled this, let us get to the basics... shall we?
So why did I choose this name for my domain? One of my first - and the longest lasting - internetsynonyms (what an ugly word) was (and is) Mystera. At first it was just a name, just a nick, just... well... letters. But rather fast it became something I held (and hold) very dear. Turned out, that - if you seperated myst and era - you could get some big meaning out of it. My own era, ain't that something?

But - before i go all philosphic on you - the basics... the real basics:

  • Age: 40 and counting
  • Gender: female (of course)
  • Affinities: loonies, fantasy, chilling, fun
  • Aversions: conservatives, wearyness, must-brands, tight rules
  • Hobbies: RPGs, Books, Movies, Music, Yoga for Beginners
  • Zodiac(s): Taurus, Beaver, Rabbit
  • Look: antithin and antibig ^^, artificial redhead, blue-grey eyes
  • Spirit: stolid, warmhearted, down-to-earth, a bit to emotional



Lots of people don't understand the power fantasy holds. Not only is fantasy a possible way to escape 'darker personal times', it is also the main reason why and how most (if not all) inventions came and come 'to life'. Fantasy is not only hanging around with freaks and pretending to be someone else. It is a way of living, a way of seeing things and handling them. Sure, you could just be like 'everyone else' and do the same things 'everyone else does' in just the same way 'they' do them... but where's the fun in that? It is important to go your own way, it is important to make your own decisions. So... what some call 'inventive talent' I call fantasy.
Of course I do enjoy my share of fantasybooks, my share of RPGs, my share of fantasy movies... but I also use 'my own' fantasy to make my life something worth living, to deal with problems, to brighten up other peoples lives, to repair things until a pro has the time to really repair them. In my opinion life would lose some of it's awesomeness if it lost fantasy... some standing for 'utterly much'. But hey... that's just my opinion, of course you are entitled to your own.

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